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Why choose between banks when you can choose them all?

Cascade was created to provide independent and unbiased cash solutions for a range of client types including personal, corporate, charity, trust, court of protection, power of attorney, client money accounts and pensions. There are numerous reasons as to why our clients require a cash solution. Some have a sudden change in their circumstances that results in cash lump sums (such as divorce, business sales and inheritance) while others require or simply desire an ongoing cash buffer. 

By utilising our comprehensive dataset, Cascade’s unique optimisation administers bespoke cash portfolios in seconds. Instead of focussing purely on rate enhancement, which is an inevitable byproduct of professional cash management, Cascade allows clients to improve the term structure of their cash (from instant access up to 5 years) along with gaining the desired degree of protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and EU wide Deposit Guarantee Schemes directive. Those within the service have peace of mind knowing that power of instruction to move their cash rests with them and only them. For this reason, the service preserves the tagline “Secure by Design”.

Secure By Design

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Cascade monitors one of the largest sterling cash datasets in the world, making it exceptionally easy to access to the very best combination of rates for whatever your desired preferences for liquidity, security and return. Our dataset is updated on a daily basis, recording and monitoring the intricacies of each and every account, from all providers and across terms ranging from instant access up to five years. Our team of experts work daily to keep each client informed regularly on information pertinent to their holdings.

Our Core Values

Since the service began, we remain true to our core values, which are:

Integrity and Trust

Authenticity and Substance

Simplicity and Responsiveness

Creativity and Innovation

Passion and Commitment

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