Bespoke Parameters

Bespoke Parameters

Set your own security and liquidity parameters

The parameters from which Cascade will select appropriate institutions will begin with an unrestricted set of criteria selecting from a full data set each time. As part of the process driven service, Cascade makes it highly easy to set specific requirements and to place desired restrictions, however complex, with the simple tick of a box. This ensures an entirely bespoke solution is created for each client, each and every time we produce a cash illustration. 

Importantly, the optimisation process will adapt each time to any and all requirements set by the client and/or their adviser. The service can easily accommodate restrictions such as capping the deposit with any one institution to maximise the protection of capital under depositor protection legislation, or we can easily remove any institutions deemed to be undesirable or which are perhaps already utilised elsewhere in a client’s portfolio.

As a standard, clients are requested to specify their desired liquidity horizon and protection level. This provides better structure for cash holdings than typically has been achieved before. The rate earned is therefore an outcome of this process, rather than a key driver. Clients are asked how much money they would like available from their holdings from a time horizon of instant access up to five years. No pre-set restrictions are in place here such that the client can choose any mix of terms as they desire appropriate.

Protection is then the next key driver. Clients can input their security requirements, which are principally achieved by specifying FSCS coverage where applicable along with a minimum credit rating for each institution. This allows for clients to mitigate counterparty risk, whether or not they are eligible for FSCS protection.

For larger private client, corporate or charitable clients bespoke data sets can be created to further this security aspect upon request to ensure that all institutions considered as part of the selection process have been positively screened before inclusion as acceptable. 

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