The Benefits

The Benefits

The Cascade service has four main parts to its process that together combine to deliver our unique service and ultimately prove beneficial to our partners and clients.

We agree the appropriate liquidity and protection facilities in “pure cash” holdings to ensure that each client has a bespoke portfolio that meets their individual requirements. We work collaboratively to build that bespoke portfolio and also put in place a managed and reviewable process that effectively and efficiently increases the potential returns for each and every client.

We pre-populate application forms and create ongoing correspondence templates for clients when liaising with their providers.

We monitor treasury and client holdings to ensure they remain within the original parameters set ensuring the rates remain competitive on an ongoing basis.

If a materially better rate is found then we inform the treasury, partner and client to re-administer a new account based on the original or revised protection and liquidity parameters. The Cascade service ensures that you can always have peace of mind that cash holdings are generating as much interest as is possible in the marketplace at any one point. By avoiding unnecessary inefficiency that can occur when switching accounts between deposit takers, the Cascade service helps cash work more for the client than for the provider. Our ongoing and fully automated monitoring ensures that cash portfolios do not suffer from the inertia so prevalent in savings. Partners can have confidence that both they and their client will be automatically notified when action is required be it for a better rate opportunity or for an approaching maturity.

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