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Cascade Fills Award Cabinet As UK’s Leading Cash Management Service

Cascade Cash Management has enjoyed an exciting phase of development during the last five years and recently has been recognised in a multitude of national and international awards particularly throughout 2021, putting the North East company in the spotlight in a number of industries.


Most recently Cascade’s CEO and co-founder Dr Emma Black has been named as Cash Management Woman of the Year by Lawyer International in the Legal 100 2021 Awards.


Dr Emma Black has also been named as Cash Management Woman of the Year in the official M&A Today – Global Awards – 2022; 10 Most Admired Women’s Leader of 2021 by Industry Era Magazine; Finance Monthly Cash Management Service 2021; Global 100’s Best Financial Technology Savings Business – UK and Corporate LiveWire Innovation and Excellence named Cascade as the most Innovative Fintech Company of the Year 2021.


Over recent times Cascade has also received accolade from the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Finance Monthly, Women in Finance, Financial Services Forum, , Forward Ladies and the Corporate Excellence Awards too. Titles have ranged from Best Start Up to Best Customer Service and Most Innovative Fintech Company of the year 2020. 


Dr Emma Black, who has taken the company on its journey, establishing a business with purpose, putting people at the heart of the proposition, said:


“As a team we have all worked so hard, especially in the last 18 months, so to be recognised on so many levels is truly rewarding. We work with partners in many industries including IFAs and law firms, so to be acknowledged as a leader in each respective field has helped us attract more partners and advisors – we now have approximately 3000 advisors across the UK that subscribe to our online savings portal now across the UK.


“Innovation and customer service are two things that usually don’t go well hand in hand together so we have worked hard to ensure that they do. And as we support many vulnerable clients such as those that have suffered bereavement or those who have recently divorced, our transparency and hands-on service is always popular.”


In a nutshell, Cascade delivers an independent and transparent savings service originally designed to generate enhanced cash returns and increased depositor protection through professional cash management. Having administered £370m of cash savings by 2015, the company began the build of its unique online savings portal that has seen the team administer today over £1bn.


In a bid to create a more sustainable approach and attitude to savings in the UK, the company is ready to expand their offering to balances of £100,000 or more, with new services launched for those with less than £100,000 too. 


The forward-thinking team has released opportunities for savers with less than £100,000 to benefit from the data collected by the team, creating a holistic approach via a Cascade Savers Community.


By joining as a member for just £5 per month, those who wish to make the most of their savings can receive in-boxed data with the country’s current saving rates and links to enable them to move their own money manually outside of the Cascade portal.


Within the portal, Cascade allows independent and unbiased cash solutions for a range of client types meaning savers don’t have to choose only one bank, with all institutions accessed quickly and easily, daily. The service is the only one of its kind that tracks every bank and building society in the market - this data affords clients the best possible outcome from cash.


Dr Emma Black concluded:


“It is this forward thinking that the judges have been recognising. The Cascade team help clients complete onboarding paperwork for each bank and building society selected for savers over £100,000. Savers can then use the online portal to view their savings in one convenient place, with the dedicated support of Cascade personnel. Clients include individuals, companies and charities. Partners of the service include IFA’s, solicitors, attorneys and accountants, and many self-brand the product for presentation to their own clients too.


“We are excited to have applied for a Queens Award this year too, and have everything crossed for success in that as it would mean the world to all of the team!”


Many companies with cash funds currently make use of Cascade’s services creating meaningful impact, with some clients earning up to £30,000 extra a year, whilst also enjoying increased depositor protection as the use of the portal affords savers increased depositor protection by spreading capital across different banking licences to maximise protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.


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