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The Aspirational Membership for 2022

2022 is all about investing in ourselves, in our wellbeing, in our knowledge and in our ability to do and be the best we can. As part of that, individuals are looking for routes to access new, enhancing additions to their life.


In response, the fintech business with purpose, Cascade Cash Management has launched a new exclusive membership ideal for those who are aspirational about their own or their client’s cash.


By joining the Cascade Community with the exclusive membership, participants receive complimentary access to exclusive Full Flow, Deep Dive and Rapid Networking Events featuring eminent guest speakers. Each event covers a hot topic in the world of finance, business or wellbeing and allows for networking as well as learning, complete with CPD accredication!


Members also get access to Cascade’s savings hotline number, ensuring direct contact to an expert who can answer questions about cash, savings, deposits and rates as well as receiving limitless access to Cascade’s market leading dataset of live savings rates.


And as an added bonus, everyone who joins get complimentary Pirkx membership offering online healthcare access, lifestyle benefits, discounts and vouchers. Georgia Boddy, Head of Operations at Cascade said:


“Cascade is all about capturing the essence of savings made simple – helping people reach their savings goals faster, smarter and happier. Many returns that could be gained on cash are being missed and some larger deposits aren’t in the best place to be protected.


“With our Cascade Community we are creating an opportunity to look after cash better, and to look after wellbeing, taking stress away and giving access to things such as medical assistance and counselling, as well as great financial deals via Pirkx. Memberships need to have a positive impact and this all ties in with our commitment to be a business with purpose, supporting individuals, creating opportunity and building savings communities.”


The events hosted by Cascade across 2022 are set to be informative and enjoyable, following the success of the Full Flow launch event in December with Jonny Wilkinson CBE and Prof Steve Black, also known as Blackie. Dr Emma Black, Co-founder and CEO of Cascade said:


“Pirkx is just one company we at Cascade will be partnering with, to bring exciting and exclusive benefits to our members, clients and customers. This is a time of development for our team as we focus on doing well, to do good. The Cascade Community is the start of the next steps of collaboration and focus to ensure simple, effective options for cash that improves lives.”



If you want to know more about Cascade Community then please contact the Cascader’s on



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