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Theresa May under pressure following final speech at Conservative Party Conference

A plot to oust Prime Minister Theresa May by "up to 30" MPs led by Grant Shapps, the former Conservative party Chairman, has emerged following her speech at the Conservative party annual conference in Manchester on Wednesday 4th October. May fell victim during her speech to a coughing fit, a staging malfunction and a prankster handing her a p45 form. Many Conservative party MPs publicly praised their leader citing her vigorous defence of the free market using state interventions typically associated with Labour but it has been reported that behind the scenes, some are questioning May's ability to lead and assert authority over her cabinet.

Should Grant Shapps wish to unseat Theresa May, he must obtain the backing of 15% of Conservative MPs, which equates to around 47 MPs, more than the 30 he claims to have in support. Peter Bone stated he was suspicious of Shapp's motives saying, “Grant is entirely at liberty to say what he thinks. I don’t think his views are shared by the vast majority of the Conservative party or members of parliament and it does seem to be a push by a certain number of Remainers to get rid of the prime minister and to halt Brexit.

In an interview with the BBC, May announced no intention to resign insisting that she is delivering the "calm leadership" that the country needs during the Brexit process. When parliament resumes next week, MPs will be introduced to a draft bill to cap energy prices along with an update on the progressions made in the Brexit negotiation process following May's Florence speech on September 22nd.


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