Our Clients

Our Clients

Cascade is delighted to provide a solution for clients, partners, introducers and treasuries. We provide an independent, unbiased, whole-of-market back-office service all.

Cascade allows for you to stay on top of the best live rates delivered by a cost-efficient, convenient and effective service.

Our team works closely with each provider to streamline account opening on your behalf. Once you have completed a simple client profile with us, our team will then use this information to pre-populate all forms so that gaining protection becomes a lot easier to achieve. Our ongoing monitoring then keeps administration requirements light for you as we liaise with providers where possible, providing regular holdings reports and notifications for rate drops, better rate opportunities and approaching maturities.

Our team of experts give you more time to spend doing what you do best. We track all rates and the unique idiosyncrasies of each account on a daily basis on your behalf. This unique, independent and whole-of-market dataset makes accessing the best accounts for you a time efficient and streamlined process.

Prudence dictates that you and your adviser pay careful consideration to diversify manageable risk. Cascade helps you to structure your cash across however many institutions you feel comfortable with, with the option to obtain full depositor protection too, where applicable.

High volatility has become a consistent feature of recent markets. Where markets are uncertain, our clients have become conservative, fearful of losses. In these times, safe havens such as cash become a place of refuge. Cascade supports you in accessing this safe haven for as long as you feel is right for you.

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