Cascade allows for you to generate a return through staying on top of the best live rates on an onoging basis. To maximise returns, we deliver a cost-efficient, convenient and effective through offering a professional and genuinely bespoke solution for your clients’ needs.

Cascade provides a turning point for advisers. The time constraints and complexity of administering cash are managed by Cascade, which serves as an extension to your sales and administration team. Moreover, Cascade provides advisers with a tool to gain visibility over client cash holding while offering a service that delivers for the most conservative of clients.

Cascade allows advisers to provide clients with transparent, independent, whole-of-market and unbiased cash illustrations that structures protection and liquidity to deliver enhanced returns for clients.

Our team of experts tracks all rates and the unique idiosyncrasies of each account and provider on a daily basis. This unique, independent, and whole-of-market dataset makes accessing the best accounts for each of your clients a time efficient and streamlined process.

Cascade works closely with each provider to streamline a savings proposition for you and your clients. Cascade’s ongoing monitoring keeps administration requirements light for advisers.

In times of increased volatility, safe havens such as cash become a place of refuge. Cascade supports clients and advisers in accessing this safe haven for as long as they feel right for them.

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