The Cascade Cash Management service supports small firms in providing a unique cash solution with support in the administering and monitoring of client cash savings portfolio balancing liquidity with depositor  protection across banking licences.

Many clients under exploit or ignore cash as an asset class. This is typically due to time constraints, complexity and historical lack of revenue. Cascade provides a turning point for clients. The time constraints and complexity are managed by Cascade, which serves as an extension to your team, providing a value-add for clients.

Many users of our service lack the time to be able to comprehensively search the UK market for all sterling rates to check for both availability and eligibility. Our team of experts tracks all rates and the unique idiosyncrasies of each account and provider on a daily basis. This unique, independent, and whole-of-market dataset makes accessing the best accounts for each of your clients a time efficient and streamlined process.

Deciding to implement greater protection for your client’s cash by spreading it across different banking licenses or obtaining full coverage under depositor legislation is a prudent and sensible decision. However, to then endure the divergence of the account opening of multiple accounts is a tricky and time-consuming process. Cascade works closely with each provider to streamline this process for you. Cascade’s ongoing monitoring then services the client directly without the Introducer’s involvement.

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